What we have done

  • We read about other, similar projects.

  • We examined the guidance that aims to help web designers make websites for people with disabilities.

  • We found some web designers who wanted to work with us.

  • We spoke to the web designers to find out what they already know.

  • We carried out nine workshops with these web designers. People with intellectual disabilities came to four of our workshops to talk to the web designers about the kinds of websites that they like.

  • We are looking at and talking about all the information we have gathered.

  • We are sharing what we have found out with other people who are interested in our work.

Three web designers working on easy to read text
Brainstorming with post-its notes on a whiteboard

Talking and writing about INMD

As part of our project, we are sharing what we have found out with other people. This means talking to groups of people, or writing about our projects for books, journals or other websites.


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Channel 4 News (30 June 2008) Off Limits to Online, news report on how people with learning difficulties are still being overlooked when going online.

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